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Between the Headlines... The travails of a TV reporter

And here you go - the first look at the cover :D

You and me both will get to hold my second book in our hands or read it off our eReaders come May 2nd. Watch this space for updates :D

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In the News

6 months since 'Coming Up On The Show... The travails of a news trainee' hit bookstores and we've been spending an hour or two browsing through the newspapers where the book was featured and watching the news clip of the book launch, wide smiles in place.


The media sure seemed to appreciate the book that is on its behind-the-scenes workings.

Do click on the collage below to take a dekko at our media clippings album.

Remember to keep checking back for updates.

And as always we look forward to your thoughts on 'Coming Up On The Show'

Reader's click

All smiles as a happy reader sent across this picture of 'Coming Up On The Show... The Travails of a News Trainee' sitting on the bookshelves of Landmark bookstore, at Forum Mall, Bangalore.  


Dear reader who wishes to stay anonymous, thank you so much for picking the book up and sending us this snap! We truly appreciate it!

And for the rest of the readers out there, feel free to send us your clicks of the book or your thoughts on it and we'll be happy to feature it with a link to your personal site or blog.

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Sweat the Small Stuff!


It always pays to sweat the small stuff.' Especially when you are challenging gender stereotypes.  


Read the rest of the article HERE

Do stay tuned for more of my Feminist posts on Women's Web
And as usual, I always look forward to your thoughts. 

'Coming Up On The Show' now available in USA

Yes, I know that we 've taken our own sweet time in getting the book across to  friends, readers and well-wishers who don't happen to be in India and Sri Lanka, but guess what it's finally in the United States of America.

'Coming Up On The Show... The travails of a news trainee' is now available in the United States of America, shipping from New York City via Print Asia.

Click HERE to get your copy of the book! 


And remember to mail me your thoughts once you read it!



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